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Dream Kitchen and Bath offers experienced design service, assembly, delivery and installation of cabinetry, full turn key remodels and above all the best pricing and superior service in the Nashville Area.  We do the work from concept to creation.  Just one call and you will receive reliable and professional service that you deserve for your dream kitchen or bath.



Founder and Principal

Right at this very moment, I am as excited about design as I was 16 years ago when I started making furniture prototypes out of children's colored clay. How amazing it is to me to see one of my ideas come to life! I am always teary-eyed when my clients are so excited about their project that is about to go underway and the end result is just icing on the cake! What a relief it is to be able to spend my life helping other's realize what they are trying to envision in their head and make it a reality for them to live in every day. I strive to gain more knowledge, experience everything possible, continue to make new profound friends who touch my life and most of all always try to do what is right in God's eyes.

Never Stop Dreaming

(Frequently Asked ?'s)
How can I see the options?


Dream Kitchen and Bath will bring all options to you.


How long does it take for my cabinets to arrive?


Usually around 2 weeks.


Why should I choose Dream Kitchen and Bath?


Because we offer experienced design service at a fraction of the cost.

How long does it take to get a quote?
You will have a detailed quote within 3 business days.


How can I get a quote on my kitchen or bath?


Just give us a call or send us a message. We offer free design services.


What are your delivery options?


We provide free delivery in the Greater Nashville Area.

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