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Has the Coronavirus Got You Down?

We are all in a sudden state of slow down, to the point that sometimes things become redundant but essential businesses keep moving forward.

Luckily Dream Kitchen and Bath is listed as an essential business with construction and we are very grateful. In the midst of this strange time we are forced to think about things differently. I would hope that most people are trying to see the positives out of this terrible situation. We will all be ok one way or another but we will never be the same again.

I have had many people tell me they are getting bored, restless, anxious, sad and unfortunately depressed. Being a designer myself, I can sometimes get in ruts of these feelings from time to time. There are several things that help and lighten the mood, such as music, inspirational moments, seeing people we love, laughing and not taking things too seriously, exercising, venting to friends and of course a nice glass of wine. I usually try to start or finish a project I have been wanting to work on such as painting a room, rearrange the furniture, remodel a room in the house or do some landscaping. Whatever it may be it definitely helps my mood.

I have had several people calling lately to do kitchen and bath remodels because they would like to get something done while waiting on the unknown time that we will all be back to work and busy again. Dream Kitchen and Bath is open for business! If you are worried about people coming into your home at this time there are ways we can work around that. Just give me a call to schedule a free design consult and colored rendering. We beat most any prices. Most kitchen or bath cabinets and countertops can be tore out and installed in the same day! Hope to hear from you soon!.....Stay Safe People.


Melinda Calvert


Dream Kitchen and Bath


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